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this “b)” is just mike wazovski with sunglasses


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*forgets to talk to friends for 4 weeks*

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I want you to leave marks on me.
Marks from loving me too hard,
from kissing me too hard,
and holding me too hard.
I want you to leave your handprint.
I want your loving words to hit me hard.
I want to feel your love on my skin.



i was babysitting a little boy and girl once and the boy asked me if i had a boyfriend and i said “no!! but i have a girlfriend!” and he said “like a friend thats a girl?” and i said “no like a boyfriend but they’re a girl instead of a boy! we still do couple things but we’re just both girls” and he said, without missing a beat, “oh ok! are you gonna marry her?”

like it’s literally that easy for kids to understand

Children > Adults

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